Traveling with Baby Chicks

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    Mar 2, 2009
    After reading some of threads here, I am not sure my situation qualifies. Good thoughts to everyone here dealing with the heavy stuff.
    Any help I can get with our tiny emergency, would be very welcome.

    Our baby chicks were delivered to the wrong address, three hundred miles from where they are supposed to be.
    Thanks to this board (!!!!!!!!), a BYC 'er picked them up from the Post Office, and we drove up to get them.

    We were supposed to drive them home yesterday. Bought a converter for the car so we could hang a heat lamp for warmth.
    Three converters later, both cigarette lighters were shorted out.

    Spent yesterday afternoon trying to find some sort of battery operated heater. Nothing.

    This is where things stand.
    I have 8 foot warmers (the kind you wear inside your shoes in the snow) under a layer of paper towels in the small pet carrier
    we are transporting the babies in. (toy poodle/cat size). The warmers are supposed to get up to 102 degrees. But the inside of the
    carrier is registering at 70 degrees, and the babies are huddling at that end of the carrier. Put a towel over the end to see if that will
    keep in some of the heat.

    We also bought a propane camping heater (Coleman). I am nervous about using it in the car.

    Help. Any ideas ??????

    (I posted this on a couple of threads, please forgive if you have read anywhere else)
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    Jul 8, 2010
    Eee! Don't use the coleman in the car! It could produce dangerous CO2. [​IMG] I don't really have any ideas for you, sorry! But I hope you find an answer!

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