Trctor Supply Chick Days! A poultry lover's favorite time!

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  1. bantambury

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    Sep 3, 2013
    North Carolina
    Well, I'm crazy excited about Tractor Supply's upcoming chick days here in NC! I just had a few questions regarding their chicks.

    From the breeds I have seen they carry, I don't know what my store sells, so here is the list of breeds I was thinking:
    -Bantam Special
    -Black Australorp*
    -Blue Andalusian*
    -Buff Orbington
    -California White*
    -Lakenvelder - Gold, Silver
    -Leghorns – Barred, Brown, Silver, White*
    -New Hampshire* (my cross is crossed with a new Hampshire and I think she would be happy ;))
    -Sex Links – black, gold, red*
    -Speckled Sussex*

    I clearly cannot take all of these chickens, but the stared breeds are the highest layers. would it be ok if I got just one of each breed, resulting in 6 birds, or would it be mean to not have other birds their breed with them?
    I mean my Japanese bantam is the only jap in his coop of 5 birds....

    OK now important questions....
    1) where does TS get their birds from? I was thinking from cackle hatchery, or my pet chickens......I don't know but would like to know where my chicks are coming from along with health quality.

    2) I see dead chicks sometimes.......would this mean all other chicks are unhealthy too?

    3) once out of the brooder, and they look to have now illness, can they go right in with my other flock? I mean, I don't want no disease destroying my flock of 17....

    4) are their birds relly disease free and cared for well? I see people pick them up by their feet....

    5) do they die once home? how well are they?

    and last but not least....

    6) what are you all's experiences with TS spring chicks? do you have a full grown flock? what breeds did you get from there and do you love? are they healthy? bad experiences with the health?

    Please tell me anything you think is just trying to make sure no mareks or flu leaks into my existing flock because of some chicks from TS.

  2. My experience with TSC chicks has not been good. But first let me say health wise they have been fine.

    My biggest complaint is the breed quality of the chicks. I realize that show quality chicks MUST be bought from breeders, but if I buy chicks that are identified as a certain breed I expect them to grow up and at least look like the breed represented. I no longer buy chicks from TSC since I got tired of raising crossed breed chicks.

    If all you are wanting is lots of eggs and pretty chickens buying chickens there is fine. I just like to actually get what I paid for!!!
  3. mindylee

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    Nov 28, 2012
    Lapeer Michigan
    I work at tsc and it depends what state your from that their chicks come from.
    All chicks come in healthy and any deceased birds are properly disposed of upon arrival.
    I also know pending on the tsc for how offten they maintain their tanks as well. Our store takes huge pride to make sure babies are always clean with fresh food and water with the exception of the ducks. They only get water 3 times a day and their tanks r usally a lil wet after they get done playin in their water.
    Also all tanks are labled with the breed names as thats how they arrive named. Remember not all tsc employees are educated and familiar with chicks and what they are supposed to look like.
    Again I guess it depends on that tsc and where the birds come from.
  4. jc12551

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    Jan 8, 2008
    S.W. TN
    Chickens do find in a mixed setting. It is best in my experience to stick to all heavy breeds or all ornamental breeds or all bantams in a particular coop/run. That being said I had seven BTW Japanese bantams that refused to live with the other bantams and lived with my laying flock. All the ones you have starred should be fine together.

    1. Where they get the birds from depends on where you are. Mine gets them from Mt. Healthy. Earlier someone posted where they had contacted corporate and was told that Mt. Healthy, Privett, and Townline (I think) were the main hatcheries. But I have seen other people post that their TSC sells chicks from different hatcheries. Just ask or check out the box like I do!

    2. Dead chicks are for different reasons: shipping stress, lack of knowledge on the part of the workers on how to start the chickens, feed and water them I would avoid any chicks that are cheeping loudly, lethargic, or obviously sick looking.

    3. I quarantine all new poultry at least 30 days. I am assuming that your new birds will be in the brooder longer than that.

    4. At my TSC the public is not allowed to touch the poultry. Once again the care depends on the education and experience of the workers. There is a super nice lady in charge at mine and she knows almost nothing about chickens but she keeps them warm, clean, and fed. There is a young guy, probably high school age, that knows a lot and is a good source of info. There are also a lot of people like me that hang around and answer questions.

    5. I don't buy a lot of chicks from TSC but I have lost a few here and there. I don't know if it is improper care, quality of the chicks, shipping stress, etc. I rarely lose a chick from my Cackle orders.

    6. I have bantams from there and had mixed experiences. My Cochins have been great. My silkies were poor in health and all of the d'uccles died due to crossbeak. I have 7 chicks in the brooder right now from TSC. Supposed to be SLW but I don't think they are. One died after I brought them home. Overall no terrible diseases even though for three years running TSC have been linked to salmonella outbreaks. If you are just looking for a few laying hens it should be fine. If you want 15+ I would order from Cackle or Ideal. That way you can pick the breeds.
  5. bantambury

    bantambury life does go on.

    Sep 3, 2013
    North Carolina
    AWESOME! thanks so much for all the info! I went to check the chicks out today and they had 1 white silkie and 4 buff silkies left.... all others sold out. I may get some....just moved my brooder chicks into their new coop today.
  6. Penny Hen

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    Mar 18, 2013
    Goodlettsville, TN
    The chicks come from Mt. Heathy hatchery.

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