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  1. sunnybrookbecca

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    Jul 27, 2007
    Hello, everybody!
    I've been reading through a lot of the posts and want to say thanks for so much good info for a first time chicken mama:)

    I am wondering, what method do you all use for giving chicks treats (mine are 3 weeks old)? I started giving them zucchini hunks last week. They were starting to peck at each other and it really seemed like they were bored. Sure enough, having hunks of squash to peck at proved to keep them busy and not pecking each other. We've since progressed to shredded dandelions, clover, carrots, green bean bits, cantelope rinds and cabbage pieces. The problem is, it seems like when I just toss treats in to them, they get them full of sawdust, and half the time they bury them under their bedding while they root around greedily looking for more. Then I end up cleaning out the cage more often because the buried veggies go bad. I tried putting them in a dish, but they mobbed it and had a sort of brawl. There are 29 of them, all roos, raised for meat. Anybody have any tips on how to give treats without coating them with sawdust or inciting a riot?

    Also, do I need to give them grit with the type of treats I mentioned? They are eating 24% starter feed like piglets too.
  2. mike kirby

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    Jul 22, 2007
    when i feed my hens lettuce or cabbage or anything like that i hang them by a piece of string!! if u hang it so its almost out of reach and so it swings about abit it almost makes them more detirmind to get it and keeps them occupied which means they wont go pecking each other!!!
    and 29 roos!! i feel sorry for your neighbours when all them start crowing!!! lol


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