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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by losttexan, Mar 8, 2015.

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    Ok, I'm perplexed and need advice. I have seen many folks here post about how much their young chicks like mashed-up hard boiled eggs, and use it as a great treat/tamer aid. That makes complete sense, and I'm sure they're right. The problem is - my chicks hate it! I have tried it at various times on three different unrelated clutches from three days to 4 weeks, and every single one them looks at it, gives it a peck, shakes their head to dislodge it, and then bypasses it to go straight for the feed. Not that there's many different ways to prepare mashed up hard-boiled eggs, but am I doing something wrong (I can't imagine what)? It's not a big deal, since they all eat/drink/poop well and grow up just fine, just thought I'd share my peculiar chicks' behavior and see if anyone has experienced the same thing.
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    People like to think that every chicken in the world is identical in behavior, but they can be as varied as people. Some people like broccoli, some don’t. Some chickens like broccoli, some don’t.

    I find my chickens will occasionally ignore stuff that other people say theirs love and that can vary in different years. Some years if I toss cabbage leaves in the run they ignore them. Sometimes they think it is the second coming, Heaven on earth. Usually if I leave cabbage leaves for a while they eventually eat them even if they don’t go crazy over them. Same thing with other stuff.

    Egg yolk will spoil after a while, but leave it as long as you consider it safe and they might get to like it.

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