TREAT THEM FOR WORMS NOW -Molting - short days - few or no eggs anyway

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    I just gave all my chickens two ounces of Wazine 17 from Tractor Supply (TSC) in two gallons of water for ONE DAY . I'll dump that water tomorrow after 24 hours. Won't be getting any eggs for two weeks anyway because they're molting, days are shorter. In a couple of weeks I'll give 'em more light to make 14 hours per day. Meanwhile, I'm getting rid of all their roundworms. What better time. Heck, in ten days I might just as well give them the Valbazen (see below) and wait two more weeks before extending their daylight time; then my WORMING WILL BE COMPLETELY FINISHED for at least a year. Probably wouldn't have gotten but a few eggs anyway, so no big loss.


    Joebryant BYC
    I haven't seen any worms, but I want to treat my chickens for them anyway because I don't really know what to look for.

    What is the easiest way to do it to be sure that I get rid of the most common types of worms? Is there a product that I can just add to their water for a couple of days?
    Dawg53 on BYC
    Are your chickens acting lethargic....not eating or drinking,not laying? These are common signs of possible worms. If your chickens are over 1 year old, never been wormed and free range...I agree they should be wormed. First worming, I would start with wazine17. Just follow the directions on the label. Toss eggs in the garbage for 2 weeks. Then in 10 days, reworm with a different wormer.
    BIG THANKS, dawg53, that's exactly what I was looking for. It can't get much simpler than what the directions say that I found when Googling:
    ETA You said, "...Then in 10 days, reworm with a different wormer." What do you recommend that I should use after ten days?
    best results, remove water in the evening (except during hot weather). Then, early the next morning, begin water medicated with Wazine-17. Provide medicated water only, distributed in waterers sufficient in number so that all birds or animals have access to water. The medicated water should be consumed in 1 day or less. Worming every 30 days is necessary to break the large roundworm life cycle.

    TURKEYS - Under 12 weeks of age: for each 100 birds, use 2 fluid ounces (60 ml) of Wazine-17 in 2 U.S. gallons (7.6 liters) of drinking water.

    Over 12 weeks of age: for each 100 birds, use 4 fluid ounces (120 ml) of Wazine-17 in 4 U.S. gallons (15 liters) of drinking water.

    Worm turkeys at 4-6 weeks of age and thereafter at 30 days, or as needed.

    CHICKENS - 4 to 6 weeks of age: for each 100 birds, use 1 fluid ounce (30 ml) of Wazine-17 in 1 U.S. gallon (3.8 liters) of drinking water.

    Over 6 weeks of age: for each 100 birds, use 2 fluid ounces (60 ml) of Wazine-17 in 2 U.S. gallons (7.6 liters) of drinking water.

    Treat broilers at 4 weeks of age and thereafter at 30 days, or as needed. Treat replacement pullets at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age."

    On the 10th day after using wazine. I recommend a second type of wormer have the choice of the following: Ivermectin, Safeguard or Valbazen. All are off label wormers for horses,cattle or sheep, but can be given to chickens in smaller quantity, it's a matter of giving the correct dosage. I prefer'll kill just about every kind of worm there is, including tapeworms. The other wormers are excellent wormers too, but wont kill tapeworms. You can read up on these wormers and choose which one you want to use and I'll give you the dosage for chickens.
    Joebryant BYC
    I'll use Valbazen since that's your preference. I have a dozen bbs Orpintons and six silkies. What dosage would they need, and does TSC sell it? THANKS AGAIN

    ETA If Valbazen will also kill tapeworm, is it necessary to use the Wazine first?


    Here's a photo of a ONE ML/CC ORAL syringe; they come in various sizes. Your pharmacist will give you one or sell you one or more; they're very cheap. Mine sold me 20 one ml/cc like this one for $2.00 or ten cents each. Another pharmacist gave me a 3 ml/cc one.
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    I worm once a year with valbazen about this time every year; when my chickens are molting anyways. Since I have a schedule of once a year worming and I started when my chickens were about 9 months old (too young to have a very heavy infestation IMO) I have never bothered with the wazine. The valbazen takes care of just about everything.
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    Quote:Yeah, Dawg53, Jim, said that we only have to treat with the Wazine 17 ONE TIME to get rid of all the varieties of Round Worms. After that Valbazen will SAFELY get rid of any future roundworms AND all the other kinds of worms. It's IMPORTANT to use Wazine 17 ONCE first though because you don't want to first time use Valbazen and overload their system the first time with all the roundworms and an over-abundance of all sorts of other dead worms; that could kill your chickens.
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    One thing to consider is that worming while chickens are in molt can cause alot of stress on their systems. I recommend that after they are wormed, provide them with plain yogurt or buttermilk (probiotics) mixed with scrambled egg or canned beef catfood (protein,) this will rebuild their strength and immune system. Feed this mixture to them for about 3 days, their regular feed can be mixed in as well. Poultry nutri drench can be added to their water, change it out daily and only use it for about 3 can cause diarrhea.
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    Time to go to Tractor Supply...
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    Have never wormed chickens in the 17 years I've raised them. Never had a problem (not to say I never will). Just can't understand all the chemical use. I got my chickens to avoid all that stuff. Maybe tomorrow I will be over run!!!
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    Quote:I didn't think that I had a problem either until I took my rooster to vet's where he stayed for a week being treated for respiratory infection and fungus. Fecal samples showed round/other worms, much to my chagrin. I was going to treated them all immediately, but the vet had me to treat them all first for preventing any possible spread of respiratory disease, i.e., I'm just now getting to where I can treat them for all the worms they have that I TOO didn't think they have.

    1. Wazine17 - two ounces in two gallons of water for one day - dump eggs for two weeks
    ...Ten days later:
    2. Valbazen -one half cc/ml for standard size chickens, one quarter cc/ml for smaller chickens including silkies. You can use a syringe to squirt it down their throats individually or you can inject it into a small piece of bread and give each chicken a piece of bread....they gobble it up. - dump the eggs for two weeks
    3. ...after a couple of days of using both wormers....give your chickens plain yogurt or buttermilk(probiotics), canned beef catfood (extra protein), all mixed in their feed and give it to them to build up their immune systems, do this about 3 days in a row. Then you'll have healthy, happy chickens lol.
    The next time you worm,say in about 6 months or whenever you see can use the valbazen first, no need to use the wazine unless you want to. Please PM anytime and I'll be happy to help you with worming. Jim.
    Making buttermilk (joebryant):
    Mine love it, and its lactic acid and bacteria culture is super healthy for them and YOU.
    I make it a gallon at a time:
    Buy a quart of buttermilk, pour it into a large container with a gallon of milk. Let the five quarts sit at room temperature for 24 hours, stirring occasionally, and you'll have five quarts. Save a quart to use with another gallon of milk later.
    BTW, buttermilk will keep for a very long time in the refrigerator.
    Store in a glass container(s).
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    ya i should head over to TSC and pick some up
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    Valbazen will not overload their systems like other wormers might. It starves out worms over a several-day period so you can safely use it without starting with Wazine.
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    chillmiller, I got my Wazine 17 at Tractor Supply (TSC), but they did not have Valbazen. Dawg53 says, "...Valbazen can be ordered online or you can call them at jeffers livestock. You can see their website online,it's a cattle and sheep wormer and comes in 500ml liquid in a bottle. I think it's about $35 a bottle."

    I just now ordered Valbazen from Jeffers Livestock (see above).
    Here's my receipt from them; it didn't line up right when I copied and pasted.
    N2V4 Valbazen[​IMG], 500 mL
    In Stock
    $36.65 1 $36.65

    Item Total:
    Shipping (info):
    Service Charge:
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