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13 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Mid-Coast Maine
Hey All,
My chicks are just past 4 weeks old. My wife got some grapes today and I would love to offer some as a treat.
So far they have had no treats. Just starter feed. Would it be ok for me to give them a few this evening even though they have not had any grit yet?
If so, should I cut them up first? How small?
Any advice appreciated...
cut em up and hurry up ...the first time it seems they are reluctant but once they figure it out wow becareful our chicks will rush you like your about to get eaten if they even think you have a treat in your hand and they are only 3weeks
yah it's perfect but cut it up small. try smashed boiled eggs sometime that helps them to learn to eat out of your hand.
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So, I am wondering if I was putting my chicks at risk. Week 4-5 I starting giving them a variety of treats. Yogurt, worms, greens, grass, cooked veggie scraps, little bread, leftover fresh caught trout and bass from Lake Goodwin, the occasional marigold... they seemed to do very well. Put them in the coop with the brooder lamp so they could explore the run during the day. Treats in the run only.

Fresh corn on the cobs seems to be the fav at the moment. Still on starter, the get the occasional scratch with flax seed and free choice oyster shell here at 8-9 weeks. Out in the coop, putting themselves to bed at night.

For next round, should I wait longer before augmenting their feed with treats? When is the best time to start treats? Thanks!
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