Treat your pullets before they lay...

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    Jun 6, 2007
    Winston Salem, NC
    Just an FYI for those like me with pullets nearing their first laying time. My 21 birds were sniffling as well as passing worms and they had mites. I do have 3 elder-laying hens but wanted to make sure we had them all -especially the pullets, treated in time to enjoy the first eggs from the young ones. Treatment has made all the difference in their weight gain, their general appearance and most likely their overall comfort. We had to toss the eggs from the 3 laying hens for a couple of weeks - but now even the eggshells are sturdier than before. If you suspect worms or anything you can treat before your first eggs - do it now. I reccommend treatment before they lay. My food grade DE just arrived so I'll have a healthier way of treating them from now on. Lynn

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