Treated a Broken Leg - Good news!

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    Hi everyone. 12 days ago, I posted about my 6-8 week old Silkie chick's broken leg. I wanted to give an update and let you all know that (s)he is doing great! The little bird broke his drumstick and my husband wanted to euthanize right away. I wanted to see if I could save it. Treatment has been successful. Here's what I did:

    I splinted the leg with a piece of plastic and some medical tape. I had no idea if the bones were aligned, but I did my best to ensure that they were. I used the bird's good leg as a guide to help me decide proper rotation. I then separated the little bird from the rest of the flock and put food and water down within easy reach. The first day, the little bird really had me debating whether or not I'd made the right decision. He was in such pain. By the next day, he was alert and curious and willing to peck at food I sprinkled down in front of him. From there on, he improved very quickly. By the 4th day, I brought another chick to live with him and keep him company. The other chick was of a similar size though much younger (a standard-sized bird). By this time, my silkie was moving about by hopping on one leg. 7 days after the accident, I removed the old splint. It was very hard to remove the medical tape from silkie fuzz. Thankfully, I had some vet wrap. I made a new splint with that. 3 days later, the chick's leg swelled from hock down to nearly three times its normal size. I wasn't sure if I'd wrapped it too tightly or if the bird had some type of internal infection. I opted to remove the splint entirely, take the little bird's "friend" away, and see how things went. It's been two days and the swelling is down and the bird is actually walking on the injured leg. Really walking! Yay! He does have a bit of a limp, but I'm hoping that will go away with time. I opted to put him back with my flock of chicks and he is SO happy! I think he's going to be alright!

    I just wanted others to know there's hope!

    Here's some other tips:

    1 baby aspirin dissolved in a half-gallon of water helps with pain management.

    Clip the bird's feathers down as short as you can get them before applying the splint.

    Let the bird rest in a dim place to help him keep calm and not damage himself further by flopping around.

    Sugar water can help stressed birds. I put a few tablespoons in a half-gallon.

    I'm told it takes approximately 2 weeks for a bird's bones to knit together. Happens much more slowly in humans (about 6 weeks).

    If your bird is a silkie, you might consider plucking or snipping some of the "hair" around his bottom. If he can't stand, he is going to get poopy. This was upsetting to my bird.
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    Good Job! You must feel very accomplished. Hope the little one heals successfully.
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    Great job and thanks for sharing this!

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