Treated for ascites, also has impacted crop or gizzard that is not going down, and now she is burpin

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    I have a chicken (almost 3 yrs old) who was about to die from ascites two weeks ago, and amazingly, she's still alive. The vet prescribed an antibiotic (Tribrissen) and it seems to have cleared up her swollen, water-logged belly. The vet also did an x-ray and found that her crop and gizzard were both full. The hen is caged in my laundry room while she gets better.

    I am having a hard time treating for impacted crop. I have read so much on the internet and I am hoping someone with experience can help. Here is what I've done:

    *Gave olive oil by syringe for 2 days

    *Then gave fresh pineapple juice by syringe for two days
    (After 4 days of giving her liquids by syringe, she was pretty upset!)

    *Massaged the crop. It is the size of a ping pong ball and is firm. I think I know what is in there! When she first got sick, before the vet visit, I thought she was laying internally (her comb is red and she is coming out of a molting time). I fed her tiny pasta with calcium gluconate mixed in. I thought the calcium would help her to make shells for the eggs and get the eggs moving along in the pipeline. Now I am wondering if the calcium-pasta meal is just sitting in her crop all this time?

    She is uncomfortable but alert and talkative. Her comb is still red and standing upright. She eats and drinks on her own (I am feeding her unmedicated chick starter as it is easier for her to eat. I have been offering yogurt, oatmeal and soft foods but she doesn't like them).

    She poops tiny little poops. The x-ray showed a full gizzard so I would expect a little more to come out! She has not eaten a ton in the past 2 weeks even though she is eating on her own.

    Can you help me figure out why her crop isn't going down?

    Finally, today she started burping. Here is a video: . Why would she burp?

    Thank you for any help you can give me!
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    You should have the vet check her crop contents and her poop for bacteria and yeast.


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