treated for coccidiosis, chick still passing blood


10 Years
Mar 12, 2012
I am on the final day of treating my four 7 week old chicks for coccidiosis(one was pooping blood). All appear healthy and happy but I saw blood tinged poop today. I am pretty sure I know which chick is still pooping the blood. While active and eating/drinking with the rest, she is always the last to eat and spends time alone as well as looking thinner than the rest. Should I separate her from the others (who are ready to go outside to their new pen beside the flock)? Continue to treat with Corid a few more days? Keep them all in brooder and continue to treat all of them? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Oh, I have also been feeding them spinach (with chick grit) since it is high in iron and will help this chick who must be becoming anemic. Other ideas? Any help greatly appreciated.
Thank you for the feedback. Do I need a prescription from Vet to get sulfa drug?
just checked link that you sent me to order online. Thanks again for your hellp

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