Treating bumblefoot with Tricide-Neo - black scab came off

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  1. Dominik

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    Jul 14, 2014
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    We are having our first cases of bumblefoot on 2 of our 4 hens. We are treating them with Tricide-Neo soaks as it is mild bumblefoot, plus we don't have the guts to do the surgery... After a few soaks, the black scab was loose, so we just took it off. Is this a good sign, maybe a sign of recovery, if the scab comes off? It looks good under there, but seems to still have a tiny hole.

    Any thoughts?
  2. StephensonC

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    Oct 14, 2014
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    Try soaking in warm Epsom Salt water for about 15 minutes. This will loosen up the tissue and "gunk". Then see if you can get some tweezers in that hole, and kinda dig out some of the pus. It will look like a cheesy substance. Get out as much as you can, then dry and apply some triple antibiotic ointment to the area. Be sure not to use the ointment with pain relief in it, because that is actually harmful. After that, apply a clean gauze and wrap it with some vet wrap. Reapply 2-3 times a day for several days. That's what worked well for mine. Her's was so bad, that she was holding her foot up and not walking much. Now, she is bouncing around everywhere and has healed up great. Good luck!

    Here is a link that has a very good video. It does show how to remove it using a scapel, but I didn't do that part. I just picked the scab off like you did.
  3. Janet Pesaturo

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    Sep 30, 2013
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "hole", so I would not necessarily recommend digging around in there. Is there swelling? Is it hot to touch? Is it red? If answer is "no" to all of those it may be healed, and digging around could simply re-infect it. Post a photo of that "hole" so we can see.

    My experience with TricideNeo is that when the scab fades or falls off, you're done. Here are some "before" and "after" photos of several cases of bumblefoot treated with TricideNeo:

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