Treating Coccidiosis naturally


Oct 19, 2020
I got myself 4 baby chicks 4 days ago. I don't know their age, most likely (were) 3-4 days old. One chick was sick, always sleepy, got regularly detached from the group and stood alone, from the very beginning. I gave it a mixture of half-boiled egg and sugar and sugar-water (advice got from this community), to this day the chick doing better although not fully recovered. Problem is : another chick who was kind of the leader of the group, was very active, showing the same symptoms. I think it's Coccidiosis, I'm mixing garlic with their water supply everytime, tried sugar water, but the newly affected chick seems to be not responding to these endeavors. Has anyone had similar situation or can an experienced person give some valuable advice.


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Apr 9, 2013
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Hi there. I’m so sorry you’re having issues with your chicks. Can you post a pic of the brooder? Any blood in their stools?
It’s important to provide untreated water for them in addition to water with whatever in it. If it’s coccidiosis, which will result in bloody poop, then you really should treat with corid.
Also, what do you feed them? Is the feed medicated? We’re they vaccinated for anything before you got them?


Jun 22, 2020
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Is there a reason you want to treat coccidiosis naturally? Personally I'm against using antibiotics until absolutely necessary because of how overuse of antibiotics has led to so much bacterial resistance. I'm loathe to contribute to that with careless use of antibiotics. however medication like Corid only works as a thiamine inhibitor and doesn't really have that problem (you can think of it as caffeine acting as a sleep hormone inhibitor).

I guess you could try to boost their immune systems through holistic means until they are able to overcome it on their own. Some things you could feed them in moderation are... vitamin C, tumeric, fresh herbs, apple cider vinegar... you could certainly find more on google, but it's fairly hard to find a comprehensive tried and true immune system boosting natural diet for chicks. considering how fast coccidiosis kills, I don't think you have much time to experiment :(

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