Treating for Blood-Sucking Lice

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  1. i took one of my silkies to the vet today because i thought she had a broken toe. Turns out it was only a broken toe nail. But she did find an infestation of blood-sucking lice. i guess there are two kinds of lice, blood-sucking and um, something else, burrowing?

    Anyhow, we dusted the silkie with a powder that contains DE. She suggested dusting all my birds with the food grade DE, and also sprinkling around the pen and in the next boxes.

    She gave me a bottle of Permectrin II to spray all around the areas, although it sounds a bit toxic to me. i found i have a bottle of Poultry Protector, which states it is safe and should be sprayed in all coop areas, nest boxes, and can even be sprayed on the chickens.

    The Permectrin II makes me a bit nervous. So my question is, how does this sound as a protocol, and how often should it be repeated? Clean out all the runs and coops, tossing all bedding. Spray Poultry Protector in all coops and nest boxes and all crevices. Put down fresh bedding. Sprinkle DE around run area, all around perimeter, and turn it into the soil. Then dust all chickens with the DE.

    Does this sound reasonable? Is there something more i should do? Do you all think the Permectrin II (active ingredient Permethrin) should be used also? Is there something else anyone might recommend?

    Thanks in advance for any advice and guidance.

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    You could try all that, but remember that it needs to be repeated. First diuting kills lice--you need to re-dust b/c there will still be eggs that will have hatched. And then I would do it on more time for safe measure. If this doesn't work--you might need the bug guns=permethrin.

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