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    Hey all,
    I have an apx 9 - 10yr old Nubian wether, named Koda. He has always had problems. He was a rescue, that came to me years ago, thin, lice infested etc. I have battled everything from severe skin conditions, to arthritis, to poor hair growth that requires him to wear a jacket when the weather gets cold. He has come along way. However, from time to time, he battles with what I have been told is Sinusitis. His only symptom is a very, very boogery nose. Sometimes he gets so crusty, that I literally have to "pick his nose for him" so he can breath. [​IMG] It is especially worse in the winter. I contacted the vet when this first started up, and was told that is was most likely viral and aside from giving Penicilin shots every day, there was really nothing I could do about it. Therefore, I posted my question about a year ago on another goat site, and was told to use Duramyacin - 10 for about a week, at 1tsp per 150lbs. It worked great! However, this time around, all my goats came down with it, (I have 2 other Nubian/Boer wethers and 1 Nubian/Boer doe.) Two with mild symptoms, two with more severe. Koda, of course was one of the more severe. I went ahead and treated everyone, and this time after seven days with no improvement, decided to continue for another 7 days. Everyone seemed to be improving nicely. My doe healed completely. However, a few days after their last treatment, the two other wethers are a little boogery again, and Koda is really boogery. I went ahead and gave him a dose of Selenium with Vitamins E and A and D, a few days ago. I also took a herd stool sample to the vet the other day, and was told they do have a somewhat heavy infestation of round worms. I haven't wormed them yet (waiting to get paid). I will add that everyone is otherwise acting fine, eating drinking, and active. They do all battle various degrees of dry skin, though. They all get a good quality grass hay, twice a day and a livestock blend feed with 14% protein, that I put a couple of TBSs of Canola oil on, once daily. I have started adding Probios to their feed, since everyone just went through 2 weeks of antibiotics, and I believe the antibiotics gave one of my wethers diarrhea. I also have minerals out for them. They get a yearly shot of CDT and BOSE. This is also when I would usually worm them, usually with Panacur. Then I would worm them again in the spring. Since I have heard that goats are having a high resistance to certain wormers, I waited to see what the vet thought. I have decided to worm with Valbazen this time around, since I will be worming my chickens with it too. The vet agreed that this would be fine. My goats are in a very sturdy 3 sided building and I use wood animal bedding pellets. The building is pointing so that it does not get direct wind. I also have a heat lamp out there, for when it gets very cold. I was wondering if anyone else deals with this and what they do. Sorry for the lengthy post, just wanted to include all the details.
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    Have you ever copper bolus'd Koda? He could have a copper deficiency. Even with a good mineral, they can still be copper deficient. How much copper is in your mineral? I use Sweetlix Meatmaker goat mineral and it has 1750 PPM in it.

    Also, mycoplasma could be your problem. You would want to use Draxxin for that. Luckily, Draxxin is a 7 day antibiotic so you would want to do 2 shots for a 14 day cover period.
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    Quote:Thanks for the response. I will check how much copper is in the minerals I have. I have a sheep in the group, so I have to be careful of how much copper is offered. I can offer something seperate to Koda, if need be. What do you mean by "have I ever copper bolus'd Koda? I will research mycoplasma too, as I am not quite sure what that is.

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