Treating hen with bumblefoot under nose of overly protective roo

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    As a new-ish flock owner (nearly a year now!), I'm uncertain how to go about treating one of my five Black Java hens for bumblefoot.

    I got the Tricide-neo and distilled water. Prepped the solution as specified in the directions. (BTW, I love these forums! Thank you to all!) That's the easy part.

    But the bigger problem is Roaster, our rooster. He 'understands' I'm in charge - but if I'm holding one of his ladies, well, THAT'S a different story now altogether. He's highly protective of his girls, and once they're put down, he tends to try to mount them - in which I then have to catch him and hold him too! Ugh. It'll take an hour to treat a 5min soak! I'd rather not remove her from the run/cage if possible.

    I've been soaking her feet on a stool in the run - but Roaster insists on mounting her once the 'treatment' is done. In which case, I've then got to catch him and hold him too.

    I'm looking for suggestions on how to successfully treat hen without causing rooster (or me) grief? I'd like to wash and dip feet during the last light of the day - but know that the rooster will give her *** upon returning. He always does. So I give it right back to him! Good grief, I'm clueless on how to keep the peace here - if it's even possible at all! After all, they're chickens. Lovely, but chickens.

    Thought about treating at dusk/dark - but I have no clue who sleeps where! They're all banded, so I can tell one from the other when standing - but not when roosting! Guess I'll find out tonight, eh?

    Suggestions, opinoins and helpful tips wanted. Thanks!
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    Do you have somewhere to lock him up- garage or shed- so he doesn't get in the way?
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    Hi! I just put our roo into a dog crate while treating someone or carry the hen up to the house to treat. Good luck!

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