Treating leg mites....the best way?

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    Hey all!

    I've got some senior hens whose leg mites are getting bad again....I've always done the 'dip legs in oil/kerosene mixture ten days in a row' method. The mites always come back in these senior hens though, and I don't have the time to do the oil ten days in a row so often. Is there another, quicker, easier, method? Ideally I'd like to do some kind of oral treatment. That way I could just treat the whole flock.

    Thanks for any input!
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    Feb 23, 2012
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    I thought you were supposed to dip the infested chicken's legs only twice, once when you first spot the infestation and once 2 weeks later to kill any newly hatched mites for 5 minutes each time. Maybe this method is not working for you because you're not catching all of the hatchlings if you don't dip them at 14 days? Just a thought, I don't have any other advice.
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    I too have persistent problems with scaly leg mites coming back....!

    I treat all of my flock with vaseline applied to their legs ( up to where the feathers start ) and I re-apply every few days until the scales start to fall off... then I will treat once every week with vaseline.... I have heard that it is sometimes essential to treat for up to eight weeks.... I have usually stopped treatment after six weeks or so... I must discipline myself to treat the eight week recommendation.
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    I did try this once....only I think I used petroleum jelly...which is basically the same thing, right? I don't know. xD It did really help with getting the crud out!

    I've heard of so many different time frames for dipping....but this one makes sense. Dip 2 weeks after to get the hatchlings.....hmmm....I might just have to do this. But doing so many birds isn't going to be fun. x) Oh well....what has to be done has to be done.

    I just wish these mites would quit coming back. I have treated my whole coop before....but they came back anyway. :/
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    Try using Nu-Stock.
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    Rub down the roosts w/ DE too so that the mites can't crawl across the roosts from one hen to another.
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    Use Vaseline to which about 1.5 ml of 40% permethian or 3 ml of 17% dog mange medicine (also permethian) per quart or liter of Vaseline has been added. Apply to the foot liberally.

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