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  1. FarmerJessie

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    Apr 3, 2013
    Hello everyone!

    A little over a month ago, I brought home a rooster who ended up bringing with him a terrible infestation of mites. I treated him with permethrin dust, buy I ended up losing him.

    Four of my other birds have a minor case of them now. They appear to be northern avian mites. They are brown and active during the day on the birds. I dusted all of my birds today, but I am wondering if there is more I can do? I am planning on spreading wood ash in the coop and nest boxes, but are there more and better ways to treat the birds such as ivermectin injections or something of that nature? These mites seem to be very resilient.

    Thank you for your help!
  2. alyxl02

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    Jan 25, 2014
    I had the exact same problem but every time I touched the chickens, there would be a few on my that I would wash off.

    I brought a similar mite dust and it worked on my chickens until... 10 days later they will start to hatch again so every 10 days I was dusting my chickens but this wasn't getting me anywhere so this is what I did...

    I cleared all of the nesting boxes of hay and pretty much brushed out any hay or shavings. I also quickly dusted my chickens. I got fly spray and the mite dust and I sprayed and dusted everywhere... nesting boxes, on top of nesting boxes, around nesting boxes, on the coop floor, around the feeding and watering station and just outside the coop and then put in new hay and shavings. Ever since then (a few weeks ago) I have not seen a single mite.

    One other quick thing is make sure you are dusting the chickens right... around their crop, their head their legs and all over their back and belly.

    Good Luck,
  3. realsis

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    Jan 17, 2013
    Hi I have a mite infestation as well. Same story a shipped bird brought them in. Mine are northern foul mites as well. After two weeks I've almost completely eradicated the mites.i only have a few left on the crest which I'm using poultry dust and a small paint brush to rid them. They have none on their body now. They are completely gone there.heres what I did. First I want to say they're is a lot of conflicting information on this but in my research I found this treatment and it worked wonderfully for me.i didn't want to use dust on the body because I was worried about the amount it would take to treat the whole body and them breathing that much dust so I got ivermectin. I read and watched a video that said to take one part ivermectin to two parts water and mix in a cup then take a small paint brush and brush some on their backs in two places.then brush under each wing and brush a circle around the vent. Then repeat this treatment exactly 11 days later. I've done this and it has completely rid the mites from their body. They are silkies so they have huge crests and they still had a few in the for that I take a paint brush small size and dab that effected area with poultry dust carefully so they don't breathe my birds are almost completely free of the mites..I'm not saying this treatment is the only way to do it as their are many different ways but this has worked wonderfully for me and my birds were not negativity effected by the treatment.i hope this helps and wish you the best.

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