Treating pain in rescued Hen

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    Mar 6, 2011
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    I recently rescued a white leg horn Hen that lost one of her legs, she was the only one left from a couple that moved and left their flock on the land. Thankfully the new owners found this little one under the coop, she had lost one of her legs and was full of mites and lice, very thin.
    My concern is for her pain, her stump has healed but there is no callous formed as of yet, I have had her for a couple of weeks now and will keep her inside to get her healthy but she seems to be in pain at the stump site.
    I read that hypericum perforatum is ok to use with chickens, but can not find a lot about it.
    Does anyone have any advice on how to treat pain?
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    There is an aspirin solution for poultry:

    Used as a general treatment for reducing distress conditions of birds (fever or listlessness) that accompanies many diseases.
    Dissolve five (5 grain) aspirin tablets in one gallon of water.
    Offer this solution free-choice to the birds for the duration of an illness. The solution aspirin equivalent to 25 grains/gallon or 324 mg/gallon of drinking water. The dosage rate is about 25 mg/lb body weight per day.

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