Treating Red Mite and Worms


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Aug 7, 2012
Hi, Would anybody be able to help me, i bought a new cockerel the other day and when i got him back i realized he has red mite!!! Not happy!
However i'm not sure how to get rid of them, he has been kept in a cat carrier over night and in a fenced off area of my run during the day along with a hen, which he has spread it too as well! They were in quarantine for a few days after i got them and i never thought to turn them over
I know i should of. Should i bath them first then once they're dry powder them? Or just powder them?

While i am on the Emergencies/Diseases/Injuries and Cures page, how is best to feed a powder wormer like flubenvet? I only have 5 dutch bantams so im not sure how much is best as dosage is in grammes per Kg, how do i know its going into them? And can you overdose with wormer? :/

Please any advice would be HUGELY appreciated as i have exams tomorrow and in the following weeks so need to get this sorted asap.

Cheers in advance

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