treating scaly face and leg mites with ivermectin.

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    Hello all, I have a pekin bantam rooster which has a severe case of scaly leg mites. I (without realising it can treat scaly mites) gave all of my flock 1 drop each of ivermectin on the back of the head, originally wanting it to treat normal mites and lice. I also have a pekin girl with what i now know is scaly face mites. I originally thought it was dry skin as we were coming out of winter but it has just gotten worse and worse over time. I am going to use Vaseline and oil to smother and kill the mites on the roosters legs for about 3 weeks. But for the hen can Vaseline be used to treat scaly face mites? I know vaseline is safe and all but will it actually kill and treat the problem on her face? Also as i have given each hen and the rooster 1 drop of ivermectin each do i need to up that doage on the ones infected with scaly mites? Thankyou all for your help, much appreciated.
    Also i have attached photos of what it looks like, they are not my actual photos though, they are ones of the internet.
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    Can you post some photos of your roosters legs and your hens face?

    If you are treating with Ivermectin, this should be effective on both scaly leg mites and face mites.
    Your dosage may not be adequate, here is a link that outlines treatment dosage, but it would be advisable to have your vet check them over and make a recommendation of proper dosages.

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