Treating thrush with nystatin... now what to expect?

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    Ever since Rusty got a sour crop about 3-4 weeks ago she's had an ugly tongue and rather foul breath. I wasn't too concerned about it the first week as i thought it was her sour crop slowly going back to normal. then some days ago I made another thread about how to treat her, asking for help in here. I was recommended an antibiotic. Well, I ordered medistatin which I got yesterday. I also went a few days to this website so I could ask a vet online, and also put Rusty in a backpack and went on an illegal trip on the bus to a vet I used to take my dog to some years ago, and whose receptionist had originally told me they didn't see chickens. I just showed up in the morning with my chicken, I tend to get all teary when I'm so worried about one of my pets, that either the vet took pity of me and saw Rusty, or he saw her so he'd just get rid of the fat Mexican lady who is crying so pitifully.

    The vet told me she has thrush, and told me to get nystatin (which I already have). Funny thing is that both the vet I saw and the one I talked with online told me to give Rusty also a 1/2 teaspoon of epsom salt diluted in about 1/2 cup of water, and giver her 1/4 cup of that mix for 2-3 days to help flush the infection, and use medistatin as directed.

    Now since I began the treatment yesterday, I haven't given Rusty any food. she had a semi full crop yesterday morning when it should have been empty. Also as little bit after I have Rusty the epsom salt, she's been pooping a lot of what looks like intestine lining. There is no blood in it, just pinkish tissue-looking poop. She is drooling a lot now, can't eat much without eventually shaking her head and spit whatever is hurting her throat, and she refuses to sty calm in her crate, she peeps and complains until I let her out.

    Is all this normal? She is hungry and I got her a bit of canned cat food to give her some protein, and she ate some of it. She walks around my room forraging the carpet and looking for food, and she insists on perching on my shoulder. She is acting normal, but I don't know how long I have to wait until I see her tongue get better and her eating with no problem again.

    If any of you guys have dealt with yeast infections in the mouth of your chickens, can you tell me please about it, how long it took to show improvement? Also, what other kind of soft food can I give rusty?

    Edit: she finally ate about half a spoon of catfood, and she is preening now on my shoulder. She almost looks normal but she still has her issues swawlloing. I think her tongue doesn't work as it should either, she has some problems getting things she grabs with her beak to go into her mouth.
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