Treating URI

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    My rooster appears to have an URI. His crow is rough and gravelly, he makes a wet sound in his throat after running (hard to describe). He is acting great, eyes and nose are clear. I am sure he has fluid in his lungs, but I am not sure what to do to treat it. I have a TSC and an Orscheln's Farm Supply near me, but neither carry the "VetRX" and the "Tylan" which were recommended to me previously. Is there anything else I can give, or do for him?
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    I don't know what URI is, but if you suspect a lung infection, Tylan would be the way to go.
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    If you can't find anything else, penicillin would be better than nothing. TSC has Tylan injectable, it's for cattle. Other things would be if you had people or dog meds like amoxicillian etc...
    I would keep an eye on him and see if any other symptoms develop. Take a listen to his lungs, right under a wing.... you shouldn't hear wheezing or crackles. Chicken illnesses can spread and be nasty to deal with. Also look into his mouth, towards the back throat and see if you see any thread like red worms, Gape worm can cause strange open mouth reactions. You would treat with Ivomectrain applied to skin.

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