Treatment for Coccidiosis?


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Feb 8, 2008
Kent, Wa
From everything that I've read about it sounds like a couple of my hens have Coccidiosis. They only symptom my girls don't have is the bloody stools. One of the hens pulled through and the other died yesterday. I'm really bummed. So what can I treat my chickens with. I read an article yesterday saying that they used raw goats/cows milk in the old days. Has anyone else found this helpful? What can I do? HELP!!!!

Also, if I dust my flock with Food Grade DE are the eggs still safe to eat? I also sell my eggs so I wouldn't want to sell them if they weren't safe.
DE won't hurt your eggs at all, they will be fine. If you have cocci, I have some information on this on my site HERE . Thanks.
I have had that problem before but only in baby chicks
which two have it now. They have a liquid you buy from
feed stores that is called I beleive Coccidiosis and it works really well and fast.

Just ask where you get your feed from they should no
what it is,

good luck hope they get well soon
CUDA, that is a great site! It's simple and easy to read and understand. Thanks for posting that!
Thanks, I appreciate the compliment. I have put a lot of time into my sites.
My first hen who had it was a Barred Rock who is 1 year old. I think I caught her just in time. I force fed her and she seemed to snap out of her slump about 3 days later. My second he was a Speckled Sussex about 6 months old. I don't think I got to her in time. I started force feeding her one day and the next she died. I was also told to put apple cider vinegar in their water, garlic in their water or cajun pepper in their food. I would like fast results though. I have about 30 chickens so to have a bunch of sick chickens would be devastating. Besides having another 20 chicks. I can't afford for this to spread. Thanks so much for all of your guys help.
I'm treating one of my hens now for Cocci. I didn't know what to do at first & needed treatment fast so I used Colloidal Silver syringed. Just a touch then I added powdered Gatorade to her water & a dab more of CS plus vinegar & home made garlic oil. She perked up quite a bit. She's hung in there all day & her white poo has turned to dark brown but still runny then back to white again. I found out later that I had Corrid here so I gave her this also. I gave the hens out doors this as well. We lost one hen last night. No symptoms whatsoever. The poor dear. They are all about a year old.
I think that my problem is that I've been excepting too many new hens for free lately. I've definately learned my lesson. Free doesn't always mean FREE!!!!!

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