Treatment for coccy (I think)


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I don't remember the course of treatment off the top of my head, but it is documented on the package/bottle. It is given by mouth. There is no chance of harming them with either of these meds if your birds are not sick.

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There is no chance of harming non-diseased chickens with cocci treatment.

Cocci is a bacterium that lives in the soil, it can be there for years and short of burning and bleaching the soil there isn't a way to get rid of it. So you just protect your chickens until they build up a resistance.

The BEST treatment I've ever been told for it is when your chicks go out of the house for the first time on the dirt (any age really if you suspect you have cocci in your soil) is to treat with Corid for 4 days to help give them some added help as they get used to any cocci in your soil. I have cocci in my soil and so I treat all my brooder chicks or new birds when they hit the ground here, and I haven't lost any random birds since I started this.

If you have a rash of Cocci (Cocci is the most likely killer of baby - teenage chickens, or new chickens that haven't been on your property for long) and you've lost 2+ birds with suspected Cocci and you may have others showing symptoms...treat with Corid first, then follow up with another dose of Corid OR sulmet 7-10 days after final treatment with first Corid treatment.

Corid 9.6% liquid is 1-2 teaspoons per gallon of water for 4 days. dump water every morning and re-treat the fresh water. Corid 20% powder is 1/2 teaspoon per gallon.

Then 7-10 days later you treat again: it would be a good idea that during this 7-10 day inter lay to give a poultry vitamin booster to your birds, but never use vitamins and medicine at the same time as it can counter-act the medicine.

with Sulmet the treatment is four days. for days 1 and 2, clean your waterer, add 1 oz sulmet to 1 gallon of water. for days 3 and 4 add 1/2 oz of sulmet to 1 gallon of water - dump and refill daily.

Sulmet is hard on young birds, so I would not suggest using it on younger birds. Corid is honestly the best thing to use.

some breeders I know suggest that when you worm (2-3 times per year) before you worm - treat for Cocci just in case because adult birds can be prone to getting cocci as well when they're stressed or from the body stress from the worming treatments. so say you do Corid for 4 days, then wait 3-4 days then treat for worms. and after the worm treatment give them some probiotics and vitamins to keep them perky and healthy.
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Great advice. Thank you so much. I've read a lot of entries on this, and I'm on my way to get Corid today! I will get worming medicine as well. Any suggestions which to use?

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