Treatment for emaciated/underweight chickens

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    Apr 29, 2009
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    I have been treating a emaciated young chicken for a week or so and have had great success in my treatment so I thought I’d share in case anyone needs the info. The chicken was so thin its breast bone was pointed and its spine could be felt. It was listless slept constantly and didn’t move and refused to eat, very near death. I thought about feeding with a syringe but I didn’t want the food in its lungs. I had some high cal gel that I keep on hand for cats and dogs you get it from the vet and it’s a paste that’s nothing but vitamins and calories very inexpensive and great to have on hand. I put a dab on a q-tip and scraped it off into the chickens beak letting it swallow on its own time. I feed the chicken as often as I was able 3-5 times a day. After the third feeding there was a noticeable difference in the chicken and within 3 days it was hand feeding cooked eggs, now it is eating on its own and has put on weight it will soon be joining the flock.

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