Treatment for frostbitten waddles

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    Aug 5, 2009
    I have a Sicilean Buttercup rooster who has suffered severe frost bite on his waddles. About half his waddles are black and shrivelled. I have a suspician that he somehow got knocked down and laid in the snow. His breast bone was swollen and raw but that has healed nicely. He was in pain, I think but now seems fine. Will his waddles just fall off?

  2. Quote:Yes. I'd keep him isolated for a little while and get him on some antibiotics and electrolytes. As far as putting something in there--you can use Neosporin (without the pain medicine in it) and acid-free Vaseline. Usually when I've seen frostbitten wattles it's due to the roosters drinking from a bucket or tub and their wattles dragging through the water. I use pop bottle waterers all winter.

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