Treats and wierd roosting


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Apr 10, 2012
when giving fruit for treats of anything, should i cut them up small so they can swallow them or just let em peck away at larger chunks? And i have notice when i put them in at night they like to cram behind the pop door in the corner and one always ends up on the bottom. however when i seperated them one time they started jostling for position to be the bottom hen. these are 3 hens and this seems a little odd even tho i have never had chickens before. i was afraid they were trying to stomp the one to death till i realized they all wanted on bottom. it hasnt been below 50 for a while at night so im sure they are not cold esp at 9 pm.


7 Years
May 23, 2012
We do not cut up the fruit and veggies we put out for our chickens. In the summer when watermelon is in season, whatever my kids do not eat goes to our chickens. Last year we grew watermelon in the garden and had picked one that when cut open was not ripe enough to eat. We put it outside just cut in half and the chickens had a blast pecking and eating it. Our chickens have also helped themselves to whole pumpkins in the fall.


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Jan 12, 2012
Chicks will rip at broccoli, it's a borderm buster to them. They sound like their cold, do they have a heat lamp?

1st and 2nd week chicks should have heat lamp temperature at 95-90 degrees F

3rd and 4th week chicks should have heat lamp temperature at 85-80 degrees F

5th and 6th week chicks should have heat lamp temperature at 75-70 degrees F

~both can start exploring outside~

7th and 8th weeks chicks should have heat at roughly 65-60 degrees. If it's cold, use a heat lamp.

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