Treats for 2 week olds?


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May 18, 2009
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Chicken feed used to be enough of an engaging treat for my little flock, but now they have grown used to the feed...they just seem bored of it as a hand fed treat.
I tried mixing a bit of feed with yogurt, but they pecked at it a few times, stepped in it, made a mess, and they weren't very interested in it.

What are some treats that I can feed 2 week old chicks?
I'm planning on buying some grit today, so that might broaden the variety I could give them...
meal worms. By the way I purchased some form a member recently and they arrived fat and healthy, my chicks love me now!
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Meal worms are readily available at most larger pet supply stores. Start with the small ones. It's really fun to watch them devour them!
Give the yogurt mix another try, It took mine a few times before they caught on. After that they attacked it with a vengence. Mashed up boiled eggs are still their favorite though.
mine love cottage cheese. They can eat the chunks
It has a lot of protein in it, too, which is good for feather production, or so I've heard. If you use a lid from yogurt or cottage cheese, they won't be able to tip it either
I have never heard of feeding them cottage cheese! Hm, gonna try that today and see how it goes.
I going to try the yogurt again too, but I can't wait until I can get them some grit and wormies.

I have a feeling they will go bonkers over the worms.
oh yeah, bugs are the best! They're great fun to feed them to the chicks and watch'em go nuts! Ours enjoy cooked oatmeal, yogurt, noodles, hard boiled eggs, they love corn on the cobb, strawberries, cooked carrots, green beans, meal worms, you can even give corn meal, I have'nt done that yet though..
oh yeah, corn on the cob... if we eat it, we give what's left to the chicks and they clean them good. I've never seen such a naked cob!

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