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9 Years
Sep 27, 2010
What does every one feed their chickens for treats? Mine seem to LOVE grapes, cut up into small pieces and lettuce. I tried, oranges and milk, but I can get them to do anything with leaf. thanks for all the input, I am new to owning chickens, and mine are only about 5 weeks old...such a joy to watch and so fun to be around!
Boiled eggs, grass trimmings (cut in small pieces), grapes, mealworms, and wet chick mash were all the main treats when mine were chicks. Once they went outside I just throw anything I don't need at them.
At 5 weeks old they haven't decided what they like yet. As they get older they will like many other things. But there is always ONE given they will go nuts for.......Meal Worms. As they get older they will go crazy for all kinds of stuff. Scratch is always a good choice. Mine like pizza and lasagna along with broccoli, lettuce, grapes and most of all Tomatoes. Weird birds.
Mine LOVE raisins! I try not to give them a lot of them but they sure do like them. We also give them table scraps (no chicken - just can't do it) and they love bread but we go easy on that too. There are only a few things that I won't let them have - citrus, apple cores and potato peels. The older two really like yogurt. They all seem to like meat of any kind
We had some freezer burnt venison - I cooked it and put it in the chopper and then put it out for them - they went crazy for it!

They really are fun to watch. I have learned to just sit and relax and watch them. When people come to visit they can't believe how snuggly they are.
I can't tell you how many times I have heard "I didn't know chickens were friendly"
Nothing brings out the piranha in my feathered babies like wild bird seed. I can just barely shake the can it's in and they all line up ready for the feeding frenzy. Watermelon is a close second. I love watching them dive over and under each other to get at the feed dish! I used to feed them out of my hand until they started pecking hard, VERY HARD. Hand feeding lost most of it's appeal after they drew blood. I believe they are definitely kin to velociraptors. And these are my sweet, gentle little silkies! I can't imagine what standard size, half wild ones would be like! for your lives !!!!!!
My chicks are almost 3 weeks and go crazy for tiny crickets (reptile section @ pet store) and warm cream of wheat. This morning was kinda chilly so I cooked some up for them.
Ours really like scrambled eggs! They really love it when I make them cheese omelets...
they have me trained...

Mine also like rasins and black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS)...

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