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Ok so I am raising another batch of chicks, and was wondering what kind of treats you give your chicks. My first batch(got them in May) I did not give any thing special. But I got these chicks and they were already 2 or 3 weeks old. Can't really tell. They have feathers but are still getting them in. None on their heads yet. But want them to be more friendly. Right now they are freaked out every time I go near. I have 10 chicks. They are all pullets and are Hubbard Browns. I have been handling them as much as I can but can not tell the difference between them so not sure who is who and who is getting handled. But anything I can give them as far as treats would be great to know. Even if it is just some lettuce or whatever. Thanks! Oh yeah, may as well ask here.........For my older chickens what do you give your chickens for treats. Or supplements to their feed? My chickens are free range and they are eating layer pellets, and whatever they can get foraging. They get veggies from my garden like lettuce, swiss chard, my basil, my spinach, they tried to eat all my zucchini but I fenced it off from them! Bought them a pumpkin the other day and smashed it and left it and they have been pecking on that. But other things I can give them?? I saw someone say yogurt. REALLY??? I mean hey, if they eat it......Everyones input is appreciated!! Thanks!
I always give my chicks mealworms. I don't know about chicks but for grown chicken plain yogurt is good for them and helps maintain healthy bacteria in their crop.
My chicks love grapes. I slice them up so that they can peck at them easier. They also like mealworms, chopped up lettuce (they like red leaf lettuce best), cooked corn (they go crazy for it), green beans and chopped up hardboiled eggs. I also find them worms and crickets. I try not to give them more that one type of treat each day because I want them to eat their food but I also want them to associate me with tasty treats! When I was first researching what to feed my chicks, I found this post to be very helpful...
Mine loved corn(tiny bits) and meal worms...I loved the way they played keep away, it was the cutest thing i have ever saw
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