Treats for my birds.


8 Years
Aug 7, 2011
Ok. I just gave Turk and Lurk a leftover ear of corn. They loved it! I have given my chickens meal worms, cottage cheese,yogurt and various fruits. I carefully read BYC for safe recommendations. Now It's time to find out more for my turkeys. I love them. They greet me when I get home. Very often they are sitting next to my dogs when I pull in the driveway. My dogs get busquits or pigs ears. What is a nice HEALTHY treat for Turk and Lurk?

Thank you all for your kind words in my last post.
watermelon, tomatoes, spinach, they like grapes, I also buy shredded carrot, uhm I now I could throw in full carrots and they would eat them but its nicer to be able to scatter it throughout the run so they run around finding the pieces. they like apples too and berries. I gave them a big zuchinni the other day, when I say big I mean rel big, they devoured it along with a frog who decided to jump into the run (ewww) but they are birds. meal worms...what a treat for them those are!!!! and black oil sunflower seeds are a favorite!!

Thank you so much for your advice! My birds fill such a void, to not treat them is simply not right. I did really well with my garden this year until mother nature Irene stepped in. Between Turk and Lurk and my neighbors pig nothing goes to waist.

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