Treats for two week old bantam chicks?

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    Hi! I was wondering if anyone had some good suggestions on fun treats for little bantam chicks? They are two weeks old today! I've read that chicks need to be two weeks old for treats and grit. Is this true for bantams as well or should I wait until they are older? They've just been eating medicated chick crumbles so far.
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    I don't understand the rush to treats. Chick starter provides all the nutrients chicks are known to need. They have small digestive tracts. If they get treats that are incomplete nutritionally, that has the potential to affect their growth.

    Chicks can get #1 (chick) grit from day 1. It helps develop their gizzard. Just not too much.
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    I have regular sized chicks (three1 wk olds, three 5 days), and I just put a small amount of chick grit out in a shallow lid. (I'm sitting by the brooder with the top open and one on my chicks just flew up and landed on my iPad to see what was going on. lol :gig ) The chicks eat as much grit as they need. I have read that you can give chicks anything that you can give grown chickens, but in smaller amounts. (Especially for bantams.) The chicks aren't much interested in treats until they get older, and so far I have tried diced strawberries and hard boiled egg. The girls were only interested in the mashed egg. The strawberries they just ignored. I have also heard that they like diced seedless grapes. Hope this is helpful!:) oh, and :welcome
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