Treats for week old chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by First-time-raising, Oct 25, 2007.

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    Oct 20, 2007
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    I posted this under feeding times also

    I got my chicks last friday so there little over a week old. So far I have only feed them chick starter. What would be some good choices of human food to give them as treats right now?. Or are they to young to even start doing that now?..... I belive that giving them human treats means giving them grit is this correct?

    This is the first time I have had chickens so any help would be great

  2. arlee453

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    Aug 13, 2007
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    My favorite chick treat - get them some crickets from the bait shop and drop them in one at a time. Watch the hilarity begin!

    It's too cute [​IMG]

    Do make sure they have some chick grit (usually granite grit - NOT a calcium based grit like oyster shell) though if you are going to give them anything other than starter feed so they can digest whatever you give them.
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  3. TurtleChick

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    Oct 3, 2007
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    ohhhhhhhh crickets! we've been giving our little girls mealworms (make sure they're the small ones!) from the pet store - one worm apiece a time or two a week is all. it's hilarious!!!! but they might just like a cricket.... we'll have to get the video camera out.

    i've also read that they like yogurt or cottage cheese - but i've offered these to our peeps a time or two and they aren't interested... they just walk in it. we're going to give ours a bit of leftover dark greens today (from salad last night)... like arlee said, though - make sure they have some access to grit to aide in digestion!

    and hard-boiled egg yolk is supposed to be yummy and good for them - haven't tried that yet either, but i might just have to...

    have fun with your peeps!!!
  4. debashan

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    Aug 11, 2007
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    The 1st thing they had other than starter, was grass picked from the yard, I read that was a good distraction for them and they like it. And immediately after they arrived they had cooked and crumbled egg yolk and I continued that everyday for probably the first month. good luck and enjoy them.
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  5. Cuban Longtails

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    The grit I use is the parakeet grit that Wal-Mart sells. Any pet store would have it. Most of the granite grit that feed stores sell is too large for week old chicks. Play sand also works (it's clean sand you can buy). [​IMG]
  6. allen wranch

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    There are several threads about treats here and in Feeding Time. Do a search and you will get a lot more ideas.

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