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    So I heard my chicks squawking and went to go check on them and one had a piece of bedding and her mouth running around with the other chasing her and when she saw me she dropped it and then picked it up again and it started all over. I got it and threw it away. It hasn't happened again, do I need to get some toys or something for them or is this just normal behavior? They are Isa Browns.
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    Following - I would also like to know what I can do to enrich my babies
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    Hello! I am a newbie as well, but have received such great help on this site! My little chicks LOVE to scratch, scratch, scratch all day long. I spoil them. I have 5 chicks in a 14 ft (diameter) brooder. They have 2 paper bowl dust baths, a playground made of sticks to perch and jump on, a baby toy that is a mirror that spins around, and then food in two different feeders. Every now and then I also toss some granules of their food (I serve they regular feed fermented and wet) and they go crazy trying to scratch and forage. Lastly, I have a mound of dirt with grass grown on top of it for natural grit and for them to play on. My chicks seem more than entertained enough and I do not have any unwanted behaviors. Chicks love to play keep away and I noticed mine always want what the others have. It seems like a pretty natural behavior to me, but they may be bored.
    What kind of bedding are you using? Do you currently have any entertainment for your chicks? Things to scratch at, dust baths, perches and shiny things should suffice as entertainment. I hope this is helpful! Here is a photo of the brooder for 5:

    Here was my first brooder for just 2 chicks:
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