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Sep 3, 2012
North Carolina
Hi y'all I was wondering what are your favorite treats to give your chickens in the morning when it's cold? And can you give them treats everyday ? How many times a day? I feel like I give my girls the same stuff and now there not really wanting treats.
Mine love cabbage-my small flock of 6 can entirely devour a whole head of cabbage in 2-3 days. I hang is from an eye hook in the to watch them eat it.
Mine love Maple leafs!
Raisins, pancakes, stale(not moldy) bread, scratch grains. I tend to not give the same treat 2 days in a row. I have 7 LF birds. I give a hand full of raisins, 1-3 3" pancakes, a piece or two of bread, 8oz of scratch. I also give them dried mealworms about once a week.

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