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    Our chicks are 6 days old, eating pre-starter crumbles. When and what type of treats could we feed them?
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    I can't give you an expert answer as it has been years since I've had chicks. But, what ever you feed them, make sure you chop it up really small. No long fibrous things, or hard chunky things that are too big for them (I think I killed one once this way). I'm not sure I would feed young chicks many treats at all as their feed is balanced and gives them what they need. That said, I think you could feed them most any healthy chicken treats. Also, make sure you don't fill them up on low protein snacks or sugary things. You will need to give them access to chick grit if you give treat foods to them. Again, I am no expert - my chickens were ancient and my new ones are 1-3 years old.

    I will say that I am struggling with the whole treat thing. I love giving my chickens a plate of good, healthy stuff to eat in the morning, but they quickly don't want to eat their regular food, which nutritionally, they need. I don't understand how people treat their chickens regularly and don't have this problem. I would think your chicks could get quickly spoiled as well. Maybe you should just buy them a high quality organic feed for now.
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    Mine had chick grit from day two.

    By 1 week, I offered them chopped up weeds + greens (chicory, dandelion, kale, etc.) I put them in a small tray of dirt and they went for them.

    I also offered some small earthworms around that time. Not daily, just once or twice.

    They still chow down their starter feed.
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