Treehouse coop finally finished*PICS*!!!


11 Years
Mar 31, 2008



It's done thank goodness. The chickens seem very happy in their new home. Today for the first time I let them free range with my dogs walking aroung the yard and nothing happened! I can't say thank you enough to all the helpful folks on the BYC for all the info and ideas.
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If they're .jpg files that you have, look up at the top of this page where it says "uploads". Open that and where it says "Browse" follow the path to the folder where you have your .jpg files stored. Click the file you want to open and choose "Submit".
Once it uploads, go to where it says "Image" and hilight and COPY the entire IMG line. PASTE that into your message and it will show when it's opened.
If I'm understanding your question correctly, then first you want to go to "Index" at the top and open the forum section "Coop & Run Design and Construction" and "Post a New Topic" from there.

EDIT: Okay, I see that you've already done that. I'm not familiar with just "Coop Design". Sorry!
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At the very top of the page next to BREEDS there is a Coop Designs area. I can't see any way to add pics somaybe the folks who run the site choose which ones they like and add them. Anyway thanks for the info Joe.
Great design! Did you do that yourself or buy the plans?

My storage is in the potting shed on the backside of the coop (converted from a lamb barn from the prior owners) which can be quite inconvenient since you have to exit the fence to walk around there. Needless to say, I think I may ultimately have to make a change in the ladies' quarters.

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