Trial by Fire-UPDATE:Success!


10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
NW Indiana
When I went to lock my coop last night I surprised a good-sized rat in my baby chicks' mini-coop.

The babies were fine & the rat was small enough so he wasn't a major threat to them but it made me feel iffy about leaving them cooped in there in the dark.


I took them out of the mini-coop (a fenced off area within the coop) and put them on a lower roost with the big hens.
One "Watch it, kid!" peck from one of the roosting hens when a baby got too close & I turned out the light & crossed my fingers all would go well.

This morning babies were where I left them, hens didn't seem upset to see them there & I think I am one step closer to integrating my flock:D

I left the door to the mini-coop open while I fed horses and when I got back - about 1/2 hour later - the chicks were roaming in front of the coop but were easily shooed back inside.

Today is foggy & chilly so I will leave the chicks in their mini-coop while I'm away.

Keep fingers crossed for my little ones to successfully mingle with the Big Girls.

Fog cleared up so babies spent the day in the fenced yard.
Happy as pigs in slop when I got home.
I put them back inthe mini-coop & moved their food & water in there too.
Tonight they are roosting in the coop with the Big Girls.
All was peaceful when I checked around 9P.
My poultrykeeping Life has become simpler
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