Triathlon training advice????

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    Anybody here participate in Triathlons? I have been inspired to begin training for them, but I am not quite sure how to begin. I would love any advice or suggestions on training and diet! Websites welcome as well!!!

    My inspiration is a friend of mine. She had baby #6 two months ago and decided to participate in her very first Tri just last weekend!
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    Jun 23, 2009
    [​IMG] just reading your post wore me out. good luck and more power to you. your enthusiasm will get you all the way. [​IMG]
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    Talk to AK Michelle. She does those [​IMG]

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    I realize this is an old thread, but I will be doing the HITS 70.3 Triathlon (1.2 mi swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) the end of April. It will be my first Triathlon I have trained for and I too was worried about diets for endurance training. I did a total diet make over the end of the December and the changes have made a big difference in the way I feel. I zonked on both of my past Marathon attempts so fueling during the race is still something I need to learn about, but I have a much better understanding of that now than I did my last Marathon 4 years ago.

    I should start a thread on how I am giving up chicken for Ironman. :)

    Hmm....lets see with 12 coops of chickens and 75 or so chicken I was spending about $2 a month per bird on feed and about 1 minute per bird per day to feed them, water them, and collect eggs (other chores like cleaning out coops, worming, evaluation, processing culls, showing birds, etc. are not included in that). So in a typical month I spent a minimum of 37-1/2 hours on chicken care and a minimum of $150 on chicken feed (although my actual expenses including, housing & supplies has always 2-3 times that to were after accounting for sales of table eggs, hatching eggs, chicks, etc I was paying about $2000 a year on my chicken hobby).

    To train for a 70.3 (aka half Ironman) race I typically either run or bike for an average of 50 minutes in the morning and then go to the gym for a 25 minute swim or core training at lunch). So on the time it is about equal to care for chicken or train for a 70.3 mile Triathlon. The cost...I paid $226 for my my race registration fee, $300 for my race bike, $189 for my wetsuit, $480 for my 1 year gym membership for access to a swimming pool, and about $12/month for bike, running, or swimming gear.


    To keep a hobby flock of 75 chickens costs me $2,000 a year and requires 37-1/2 hours a month for basic maintenance.
    To have a hobby of 70.3 m Triathlons costs me $1,339 a year and requires 37-1/2 hours a month for basic training.

    Ironman Triathlons is the cheaper hobby for me.

    I know that some Triathletes pay $10,000 for their Tri Gear and that some chicken breeders actually make a profit on their hobby flocks, but for me Triathlons is the better hobby. :)

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