Trilling! Seems to only be cockerel chicks

Are you talking about when chicks trill themselves to sleep under their MHP, or are you talking about the "trill" warning? In either case, I believe they all do it. Though I've never heard heat lamp chicks of either gender trill themselves to sleep.
All of mine do it, but the males seem to do it more often. It could be because I have more males than females and the females get intimidated by them a lot.

One of my young cockerels finally discovered the dirt bath in the coop/got over his fear of it. They've been dust bathing outside or in the poop boards PDZ. Anyway, I was scooping poop and he was in the dirt bath and making the sweetest sounds. He sounded like a whimpering puppy -- I've never head this particular sound from anyone in my flock before.

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