Trimming a cross beaked pullet

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  1. We have a Millie that has developed a cross beak. There were no signs earlier in her life and it appeared around age 10 weeks.

    I have done a search and can't seem to locate a guide to trimming. Could anyone point me in that direction?

    This is the replacement chick for my daughter's other millie that had to be put down. [​IMG] So I won't be culling her if we can avoid it.

    Thanks so much.
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    Um, I have no advice but, what is a cross beak?
  3. The upper and lower portions of the beak are not aligned. Cross two fingers. That is what it looks like.

    I am hoping someone who knows how specifically to trim will answer. How much to take off, what is the best instrument to use. Even a site that has pictures to demonstrate. I have not come up with much in my search.

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    Hi there!

    I have a crooked beak EE hen named Grady that I've had since she was a day old. She's about 1 1/2 yrs old now. Hers didn't get bad until she was about 3 months old. We were so worried b/c she couldn't eat very good then.

    Dh told me not to get to attached to her b/c she might not make it. I would make her a concoction of oatmill mixed with her feed and syring feed her until we trimmed it.

    You can trim it, but you have to be super careful not to cut into the live tissue. You may want to try using a file to file it first if you are to scared to try to trim. Have some stop bleed on hand in case you accidently cut into the live tissue.

    We did trim Grady's at 3 months old. I held her while my SIL used a nail clipper to clip just a little of it at a time. She was very soar afterward. I felt sooooo bad, but it did straighten it out for just a little while. It has grown back crooked and I haven't attempted to even try it again, b/c she has adapted to eat & drink with it. She thrives despite her handicap. She's so sweet and loves to sit in my lap. She scratches around w/ the others during free range time foraging for goodies.

    Provide deep dish feeder & water. You may also want to provide more than one feeder to elimate competition. Grady is so smart. I find her in the coop often alone during the day so she can eat in peace by herself. I sneek sunflower seeds and put in their for her when the other greedy pigs aren't looking.

    Good luck!!!! Keep us posted!!!! [​IMG]
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    I have trimmed my roosters beak with dog toe nail clippers. It is very scary!

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