Trimming beaks to tame meanies


10 Years
Feb 14, 2009
Palm Beach County
I got a few chicks that like to fight with nearly all of the others separation doesn't do much because when they are few ranging they attack the others.

If I just trim the very tip of the beaks so that it wouldn't bleed would that be enough to discourage them from being such bullies?

Or would trimming the tips and round them not accomplish much?... I want the cuts to stop popping up


14 Years
Jul 17, 2008
DC Region
No, filing the beak won't stop them being mean or prevent them doing damage. And cutting/trimming it into the area that bleeds is painful and cruel. Little but isolation prevents mean chickens from fighting. If you want free range birds and not caged birds you have to get rid of the trouble makers or yes, you end up with wounded birds.

I either sell or cull mean animals. Stress does the rest of your flock no good. Isolation with a buddy just takes up cage space I can use for trios.

I had a bird with a damaged upper beak, she was in agony for days. It has so many nerve endings and they don't heal well or quickly.

It's kinder to cull them out or sell them.

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