Trimming my bantams beaks


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Mar 14, 2009
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I have tried filing with a nail file its slow but works if the bird holds still but some dont. Whats the best way?
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Chickens generally are able to self-monitor and wear out their beaks on their own. Do these bantams have an area where they can forage and wear down their beaks that way?

I'm not sure what you mean by too long, but I've noticed our chickens use a cinder block to wipe their beaks on which seems to help keep them in good shape. As far as getting a chicken to calm down, wrap them in a towel and give them a drop of Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy - a natural stress reliever. Give them a few minutes and they will generally get very snoozy. Tuck them back safely in their coop afterward

There's a good thread on this:

Good luck!
I just hold them under my arm and hold their head with a hand and use clippers and it's done. Just don't clip to much or it will bleed and hurt the bird.
I'm not sure if I'd give anything to my birds to "calm them down" I could just be me but mine do find tucked under my arm. Takes maybe 3 seconds to clip their beak.

these banties are my serama so they are in the house over winter. My roo is fine with holding still but the pullet is not lol. Thanks
Ahh Have to do the same with my serama pair. Hold them near your chest with your are and the head with your hand and quickly clip. Can also do what the post said above- wrap them in a towel and clip.

ok. i read in that tread about maybe using a nail drill like the nail salons have. i might go buy one and try that. My pullet is very fussy so we dont wanna try clippers. we are too scared she'll move.

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