Trimming Nails ??

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  1. cherp68

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    Oct 21, 2009
    Fonthill, Ontario
    We've had 2 Red-Sex-links for almost 2 years now, we are still learning as we go.

    Are we supposed to be trimming their nails?
  2. mkearsley

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    Jul 19, 2010
    South-west Idaho
    I tried trimming one of my hen's nails. It was very hard to not cut too deep, and she squirms more than a dog or cat. Good thing I had some Magic Powder (sold at the local feed & supply store) to stop all the bleeding from two toes [​IMG] If your birds are outside, or scratching in something rough (sand or soil) they should wear down their nails. Then hen I trimmed was bought from a hatchery & she never was able to naturally trim her own nails since she was inside the first 10 months of life. By the time I got her, her nails were all kinds of deformed (which is why I trimmed). My birds that I bought as chicks & have let free range have no issues with their nails being really long since they're constantly scratching around the hard ground.

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