trimming pot belly pigs and goats hoofs


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8 Years
May 25, 2011
what can i give my pot belly pigs and pygmy goats to sedate them long enough to trim there hoofs? I have been able to do a few but the ones that are left are the ones that are wild and will not let you !! any advice would be great thanks..
get a head stanchion for the goats and the pigs "good luck" and wear ear plugs
I just had a guy out the other day to trim a buck boer goats hooves, that I rescued last thurs. We hog tied him....that was the only way. Sounds like that would be perfect for the pigs since called hog tying and it worked for us with the 200lb buck goat the other day. Safety first for you and the animal. This goat we worked on the other day likes to ram, and his hooves are worse then I have ever seen. I will be starting a thread and showing his hooves if you want to see them, keep a watch out for the thread. Trust me his feet don't stop him either.

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