trimming spur and toe nails

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    Jun 22, 2011
    So at the auction today I bought a pair of White OEG. Some real beauties. The man said they were from some of the best bloodlines in MS. I'll try and get my sister to take some pictures for me and post so y'all can see. Plus to help show you what i'm about to talk about. I didn't get a good inspection on the birds when i bought them. Well, I checked them over to make sure they were healthy. But of course I didn't realize that their claws were pretty long because i'm guessing they were kept in cages. That doesn't bother me too bad since i've got them in a cage now. But what does bother me is this rooster's long spur. Spur singular. For some reason, the previous owner clipped one spur short and left the other to grow long. It's long, curved and sharp. And I don't want to end up the victim of that spur. Any tips on trimming it. I've got some snips and stuff that should do the job. Just curious if you can cut to the 'quick' like you can on toe nails. I've cut too short on chicken's claws before and it freaked me out. I don't want to go through that again.
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    Here's a link to spur removal. It may be a little more than you are willing to take on, but it has always been my favorite method. You can also just use a Dremel to trim off any over growth.

    Good luck.

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