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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by SeasideChef, Jun 26, 2016.

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    When is a good time to start trimming their wings? Some of my month old chicks are getting very flighty. They are still too young for the coop, but we take them outside every day. One (Easter Egger/Ameraucana chick) is especially flighty. Are they too young to get the wings trimmed?
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    when their wing feathers are in
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    I've not trimmed wings on mine. However, some good advice is to remember to trim only one side. I had a friend that trimmed both wings, and guess what? They can still fly, though not as well. If you only trim 1 side it throws them off kilter and is more effective.
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    Trimming will need to be repeated as they molt multiple time during the first 6 months. Trimming 1 side usually sufficient unless they are clambering up something, then both sides need to be trimmed. Instances where trimming found not to be effective, especially when both wings trimmed, involves not trimming close enough which appears to be a frequent problem. I can do a bilateral trimming that stops flying better than unilateral trimming to stop clambering.

    Show a picture of one of your chicks wings held open.

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