Trio NB Buff Silkie Youngsters


11 Years
May 29, 2009
Sleepy Eye, MN
Trio of non-bearded buff silkies. They are only 2 and a half months old. I'm fairly sure I have a cockerel and 2 pullets but no guarantees due to age. Local pick up preferred but will ship. They are still small enough to fit all 3 in a box together. $65 for express mail, box, and live surcharge fee.

I hatched these from eggs from Jimnjay - Jaynie Knight. We are both NPIP and I have a hatchery permit from the state of MN. Nice lil birds, but I only raise the bearded variety though so don't want these. More pics on here: . One of them is really super light and has lighter skin. One is much darker and has some black in the tail already. Check out for pics of the parents.

I prefer Paypal and would like to get them shipped asap. We are still in the 70's for temps up here. They are growing like weeds too and it won't be much longer before I will need to use 2 boxes to ship them. Local pickup is welcome in Sleepy Eye (southwestern MN).

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