Trio of BLUE SPLASH Marans chicks, mostly Davis line, 4-6 weeks old

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    Trio of Blue Splash chicks 4-6 weeks old at time of pickup. They will be ready for pickup in 2 weeks from auction closing. These chicks come from a breeding pen of a French Blue Splash Roo covering 3 French Blue Marans hens and 2 Blue Splash hens. the colors we are getting are very pretty in the resulting offspring. The lacing on the Blues is VERY beautiful and much more prominent than the pics show. Some have feathered legs and some are clean. you will get both.

    Payment is by Paypal only. Once a cleared payment is received the birds will be able to be picked up. Payment is expected within 24 hours of auction ending.

    The pics show the results we are getting and you will be receiving birds similar to the young ones shown. The adult birds are the parents and pics were all taken recently.


    The pic of the eggs shows the blue/blue splash eggs on the left, 4 Black Copper Marans in the middle and a Coronation Sussex on the right. The Blue Splash are not as dark as the Black Copper but we are working on the egg color. These were not crossed with Black Coppers to get the darker egg.
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