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    FOR SALE: Trio of Geese for Sale- A Chinese white male, a Roman Crested white female, and a American Buff female, all about 5 months old.

    (The male is "Nibbles", the female white is "PuddleJumper" (or "Puddles"), and the Buff guessed it- "Buffy".)
    Nibbles does answer to his name.

    I am asking a little less than usual for the trio since the white female broke the tip of her wing getting into the cage and we had to trim it back. When it's held close to her side, you can't see it, but it does keep her from flying. (Most people trim their geese's wing tips anyway, but I wanted to let you know.)

    My daughter raised the white geese from the shell, talking to them all the while so they would be used to the sound of her voice. The buff we bought from a local breeder. She is beautiful and well-behaved. However we live in a subdivision house (with no pond, obviously), and they need a bigger place to roam.

    Since they have been raised together, we prefer that they not be split up. They have not undergone a mating cycle yet, but we feel that they are already bonded.

    I am asking for local pick-up in the metro Houston/east Houston area, since they weigh too much to be shipped. I can meet you some place within reason if you like.

    Please PM me if you have any questions.
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